The aim of the Welcome Again Veterans Foundation

The Welcome Again Veterans Foundation  is a non-profit organization and aims to offer a program to Canadian War Veterans and immediate family who have committed themselves to the liberation of our country during their stay in the Netherlands.

History of Welcome Again Veterans. 
During 1963 – 1973 the so-called pilgrimages were held; the coming over of the next of kin of the fallen Canadian soldiers to visit the Netherlands. Here, mayor Enklaar from Holten played an important role. The phenomenon host family was introduced and we gained a lot of experience. Funds were then generated from among others the National Poppy Collection.
In 1980 Canadian veterans were invited. This was intended as a one-off promotion under the name Thank You Canada. Important initiators were Messrs. Enklaar, Tensen and Van Landschot. Everything under the flag of the War Graves Committee.
After 1980, Thank You Canada was discontinued.
In 1985 the pilgrimages of veterans was taken over by the Foundation “We do Remember”.
In1990 the Welcome Again Veterans Foundation was founded.
1993 Welcome Again Veterans appointed Verstraete Travel Service Ltd. in Aurora, Ontario, Canada as their official tour operator and travel agent.
In 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010 there were 2 Foundations, being Thank You Canada & Allied Forces and the Welcome Again Veterans Foundation.
Only the Welcome Again Veterans Foundation is still active in the Netherlands in 2015 and 2020.
Once every five years the Welcome Again Veterans Foundationbecame the organizer of the great commemoration at the Canadian cemetery in Holten as well as on May 4 2020